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About Capital Solutions Limited (CSL)

CSLis a Social Enterprise incorporated in Uganda in 2008 to inspire, transform and build capacity of social

entrepreneurs working with low-income communities in Africa. CSL was formed out of the need to build

sustainable social enterprises through improved financial accessibility and designing innovative and impactful

solutions. The main aim is to demonstrate that small amounts of equity capital, combined with entrepreneurial

capacity building can result in thriving enterprises that serve vast numbers of the most vulnerable populations.

CSL launched a Social Entrepreneurship Forum (SEF) for engaging social entrepreneurs mainly the youth and

women to access capital, build entrepreneurial skills, create innovative economic, agricultural and health solutions,

and eventually support the most pressing social needs.

Our Vision is “An economy where Social Entrepreneurs thrive”.

Our Mission is “To inspire and transform Africans to become successful social entrepreneurs through improved

access to finance and innovative community solutions for sustainable social impact”.

Why Associate Consultants

CSL works remotely with Associate consultants in various areas to build capacity of its social entrepreneurs, Raise

resources for the different projects and design innovative solutions for the social enterprises.

The main objective is to create a pool of experienced and skilled personnel in fields that complement CSL work.

Below are the specific services CSL offers to its social entrepreneurs.

Expected Deliverables and Tasks:

The Associate Consultant may have capacity to deliver on any of the skills and tasks below:

  • Design and deliver a training course both online and face to face for social entrepreneurs in the sectors of

Agriculture, Health, education and Financial services in fields of Social entrepreneurship,

Entrepreneurship, Business development, finance and systems strengthening, marketing and sales,

Branding and digital marketing, Human resource management, Social enterprise management, and

change management.

  • Design and deliver Master classes both online and face to face on innovative solutions for social

entrepreneurs in business planning, strategic planning, business mentorship, and digital problem solving

and build collaborative relations.

  • Provide a diagnostic analysis to Social businesses for mentorship as part of the Accelerator program.
  • Conduct Research using both qualitative and Quantitative methods
  • Participate in different proposal writing in field where the Associate share expertise


CSL is looking for experts in the following fields:

Finance and business development

Finance and business development associate should have expertise in Financial model and Analysis, Social

Investments, Resource mobilization and fundraising, Entrepreneurship development and support, Financial

management and Accounting, Brand and Marketing skills, Business Plan Process Design and Strategic Planning,

Training expertise and capacity Building in HR, Leadership, Governance etc… and understanding SMEs in Uganda

and Africa at large.

Information, Communication and Technology (ICT)

ICT experts should possess skills in one or more of the following: Data Analytics, Data Visualization, website design

and general app designing and social media engagement.

Digital Marketing, Branding and innovation

Associates should have experience or skills in Digital Transformation Strategy, Customer and Marketing Strategy,

online marketing and branding.

Social Enterprise and change management

Associates should have expertise in three or more of the following: Clear understating of starting a social

enterprise, Conduct Research in social entrepreneurship, designing and building sustainable Social Businesses.

Fundraising and Resource Mobilization

Associates must possess over 5 years’ successful experience in raising funds both locally and internationally.

Demonstrate capacity to write winning proposals and be able to support the Social enterprises in building their

resource base.

Social Investment

The Associates must possess expertise in building a social investment fund from Scratch to scale. Experience in

Investment Banking and financial expertise.

Education: A Master’s degree in one of the related fields or professional training in financial management,

Marketing, Investment banking, Social Entrepreneurship, Fundraising, Entrepreneurship, Information Technology

(specialty in digital marketing), business management, Leadership and HR from a reputable university.

Competence: Experience of more than 3 years in any of the related fields, flexible and available whenever


Reporting: The Associates will work closely with CSL CEO and Programme Associate.

How to Submit: If you possess the above qualification please email your CV to the Capital Solutions Administrator: or