Capacity Building

Sharpen skills and stay ahead of the competition with CSL’s five leading-edge practical social entrepreneurship training courses. With over 10 workshops to choose from in Uganda and online, CSL offers training to meet the needs of Social entrepreneurs in Africa. With its vast experience in providing Face to Face and online courses, CSL has designed practical and Human Centred courses. The course curriculum ranges from 2 days to 3 months depending on the type of course. The course aims at building capacity and transformation of Social entrepreneurs in Africa. To locate one of our Social entrepreneurship courses please select from the list below;

How to start a Social Enterprise: Ways of following your passion and building it to last?

How to build a sustainable Social Enterprise: How to establish a social enterprise that has multiple funding stream and big Impact.

Finance for non-finance managers: Most businesses close within the first two years due to poor financial management, come and learn basic skills in managing your finances and grow your business.

Marketing for non-marketing managers: Most businesses fail to grow its revenue base and volume due to poor marketing skills, come and learn form the best on how your business can build a brand and eventually grow its business turnover.


Our programmes and Workshops are comprehensive and take 2-5 days. Topics covered include starting a social enterprise, scaling, replication, and moving an existing charity towards a social enterprise model. If you need to sharpen your social enterprise skills look at our workshops.

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