Founder and CEO’s message

Joyce N. Tamale (FCCA)

I am super excited to be associated with such a great initiative that aims at “Inspiring Social Entrepreneurs in Africa”.  Social entrepreneurship signals the imperative to drive social change, and it is that potential payoff, with its lasting, transformational benefit to society, that sets the field and its practitioners apart.

According to the World Population Prospects Report, the world population stands at 7.3 billion (UN 2017). With the growth in population, the demand to address social needs is also increasing and particularly problems such as inadequate education and healthcare systems, environmental threats, poverty, homelessness, unemployment, hunger and high crime rates.

Approximately 1.2 billion people live in extreme poverty (which forces them to live in environments without access to decent shelter, clean water or sanitation), 101 million children under the age of five are underweight, and more than a million people die from AIDS-related causes each year (Kickul & Lyons, 2016; Singh, 2016). Africa is alleged to be the poorest continent in the world. With dwindling funding from the traditional development partners, yet the social needs continue to grow, the most applicable funding source that will contribute to the reduction of social challenges is through social entrepreneurship, focused on doing business for social good.  Social enterprises are created with the aim of applying entrepreneurial skills and innovations to solving social problems. (Alberto, 2014).

Capital Solutions Ltd (CSL), is a social enterprise based in Uganda with a purpose to inspire, transform and build capacity of social entrepreneurs working with ow income communities in Africa. CSL is well placed to respond to new demands, areas of need and growth pathways as indicated to us within our business plan from our key stakeholders. With the increased pressure on funding and social challenges, the public sector is unable to address all the social needs and whereas the civil society has the passion to deliver for social good, it is largely challenged with limited access to alternative funding. At the same time, the private sector for profit, pays much attention to the bottom line in order to meet its shareholder’s expectations, with very minimal attention to social needs. Therefore, as a way of closing these challenges, Capital Solutions believes that social entrepreneurship is the solution. This would bring sustainable social and economic solutions to the ever growing social needs specifically SDG 1, 3 and 5. To this end, CSL, is creating a ready platform where social entrepreneurs will be transformed, built and inspired for business growth and doing good.

“If you are passionate about human kind and believe it, let’s do it, let us hold each other’s hand for social good” Joyce Tamale (MBA, MPH, FCCA) Founder & CEO CSL