Innovative Solutions

Using our human centred design approach, we will use digital platforms to deliver key messages and solutions for health and economic empowerment of women and the youth.

Farmers Value addition

Farming being the main activity and source of income to most people in Uganda, CSL identified value addition as a major step forward to increase income

Digital platforms

To economically empower young people and women for increased financial inclusion, CSL will run webinars


In 2014, CSL launched the Corporate Women Forum to create a plat form for women and girls to share business ideas

Boyz to Men (B2M) project

150 young men (7-24 years) have been mentored through the B2M project and most of them have successful testimonies.


Capital solutions offers advisory services in project design and implementation. With over 30 years combined experience of Capital solutions Directors, CSL designs innovative projects in Health, Gender and economic empowerment to improve the quality of life of people using human centered design to solve the challenges facing the vulnerable communities. Capital Solutions will identify partners to collaborate with in ensuring community challenges are well addressed. The projects that are running include:

Inspiring Social Entrepreneurs

We believe that social entrepreneurship is a solution to bring sustainable social and economical solutions to the ever growing social needs specifically SDG1, 3 and 5. To this need we are creating a ready platform where social entrepreneurs will be transformed, built and inspired for business growth.