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Innovative Solutions

Advisory services: Under Innovative Solutions, Capital solutions offers advisory services in project design and implementation. With over 30 years combined experience of Capital solutions directors, CSL has designed innovative projects in.......

Social Investment Fund

The Social investment Fund (SIF), is an impact investment fund aiming at improving financial accessibility to small and medium social enterprises in Africa.The fund will provide small amounts of funding ranging from $5,000 to $50,000 to social entrepreneurs.

Capacity Building

Capital Solutions Trains and Mentors social entrepreneurs in Africa. CSL has vast experience in providing face to face and online courses in specific areas of finance for non-finance managers, Marketing for non-marketing Managers.......


Capital Solutions Ltd (CSL) is an indigenous Social Enterprise incorporated in Uganda in 2008 to inspire, transform and build capacity of social entrepreneurs working with low-income communities in Africa.

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For twenty years, I have been deeply involved in the social sector and have seen the challenges related with running an NGO in a sustainable way amidst changing donor priorities among other factors.

Adopting Innovative Development FINANCING

The concept “innovative financing for development” was first mentioned and introduced at the International Conference on Financing for Development in 2002. The value of exploring innovative sources of finance provided that those sources do not unduly burden developing countries.”

Building a sustainable non governmental organisation

Over the last 15 years, I have been working in the NGO sector and I have interfaced with the challenges many NGOs go through in terms of raising the next dollar.

Testimonies Of Transformed Lives

Capital solutions has built a loyal patronage of clients. we have been at the forefront in influencing social entrepreneurship at the grass root level in uganda.CSL now offers a ready platform for engaging social entrepreneurs mainly the youth and women to access capital, build entrepreneurial skills, create innovative economic and health solutions, and eventually support the most pressing social needs. CSL has transformed over the years, with a combined 30 years’ work experience of its founders in designing innovative economic and health solutions within the social and private sector, this provides a ready value proposition for its stakeholders and clients. Here are a few  testimonies of transformed lives………………..

Angel Nakasujja

My life was transformed by Capital Solutions “Corporate Women Forum” which I attended as a young woman. I met many women leaders who shared their journeys and this gave me confidence to shape my life. I now work with one of the largest printing companies in Uganda as a Marketing executive. I’m excited about life and the future ahead. I have set up a business which compliments my day to day job. Thank you Capital Solutions for unleashing my potential.

Stanley Ssebanja

My name is Stanley Ssebanja, I am the Chairman of luzira Alliance SACCO (LASCCO). The SACCO started in 2008 under the guidance of Capital Solutions ltd, and has grown from 30 members to now 3,000 members. The SACCO has been supported in designing systems and good corporate governance which has been a strong pillar to its current sustainability. I thank Capital solutions for all the support that has enabled the SACCO to grow beyond our imagination.

Inspiring Social Entrepreneurs

We believe that social entrepreneurship is a solution to bring sustainable social and economical solutions to the ever growing social needs specifically SDG1, 3 and 5. To this need we are creating a ready platform where social entrepreneurs will be transformed, built and inspired for business growth.