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There is an overall growing noteworthy responsiveness focused on the subject of social entrepreneurship compared to the past years. It has come to a realization by economic analysts throughout the world that social enterprises contribute to the economic and sustainable development of the country.

Social entrepreneurship gives money making a noble cause and drives societal transformations through tackling the most pressing societal needs. Social Entrepreneurs are not only resourceful in solving community challenges but also provide economic and social security to the members of the society thus developing an equal and just society for everyone.

However, these social Entrepreneurs encounter many bottlenecks which makes it hard for them to thrive. Among the very many challenges faced by Social businesses in Uganda is the lack of skills to facilitate business growth.

Social entrepreneurs need to be acquainted with the best skills like grit, resilience in times of adversities, creativity and innovation, emotional and social intelligence among others to enable them increase their potential sustainably and effectively and be able to address public and community needs in effective, efficient, sustainable and imaginative ways.

As part of its commitment to sustainable development, Capital Solutions launched a Social Business Accelerator programme.  The programme offers a six month training and mentorship for social business owners working with low income communities in Uganda in sales and Marketing, business and personal profiling, M & E, Finance and Risk management and Investment readiness among others to help them to develop and scale their own businesses with focus on youth and women.

Such accelerator programmes help ventures define their initial services and products, identify promising customer segments, secure resources, support young growth-driven companies through education, mentorship, and financing which in turn champions growth.

According to Harvard Business review, Accelerators are playing an increasing role in start-up communities throughout the United States and beyond. Early evidence demonstrates the significant potential of accelerators to improve start-ups’ outcomes, and for these benefits to spill over into the broader start up community. However, the measurable impact accelerators have on performance varies widely among programs — not all accelerators are created equally. Quality matters.

Operating a start-up can be very challenging. That’s where an accelerator programme can help. Once you join one, you get support from mentors, those sponsoring you and the different entrepreneurs attending the programme. There is assurance for emotional support, direction, experience and knowledge.

Join an accelerator programme today!

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