This is a six months program that boosts a social entrepreneur at start up level to develop to scaling level. The social business accelerator program is designed in a unique way and brings in hands on entrepreneurship experience from experts in social entrepreneurship. The accelerator program has the following benefits:

Women Social Business Accelerator Programme

Women entrepreneurs make up 60% of the small enterprises in Uganda and about 64% of those close before their first anniversary due to limited skills to:

Ø  Scale their enterprises

Ø  Access to affordable finance

Ø  Access to Market

Ø  Networking Opportunities for growth


Capital Solutions through the accelerator program seeks to reduce the gender gap in business growth and sustainability between male and women-led businesses by providing a learning space, access to gender based investors and profitable markets as well mentors to solely support women led enterprises to scale for high social impact.

The Women-only accelerator programme was launched in 2019, to encourage women entrepreneurs to begin a journey of growing their business combined with their busy schedules. In Uganda women led business have successfully increased in the last 10 years however many are still SMEs with annual turnover of less $50,000. Women-led enterprises in Uganda still cannot access finance, valuable market chains and therefore they need support to access business opportunities, knowledge.

Capital Solutions is changing this narrative by providing a tailored 360˚ solution to enable women entrepreneurs access gender based investors, a networking space for business growth through an online and mentorship platform, and capacity building opportunities through the 6 months’ accelerator program to empower women business leaders.

Since 2019, the women accelerator programme has worked with over 112 women-led enterprises to scale and grow their businesses. This has seen a rise in employment levels of at least 85% for both the youth and women with in these enterprises.